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One Night Only...

It's the Grammy's and Mahogany's Hitting the Red Carpet

Being the law student that I am, I didn't get to watch the show this year. (Darn you jurisdiction cases.) But you know I caught up on all the highlights this week. And who needs to tune in when she can just watch You Tube and peruse the stunning (or utterly piss poor and lackluster) fashions sur la Red Carpet. So as my muse Jigga says, "Just my thoughts, right or wrong... Just what I was feeling at the time... Give the drummer some."

Solange: (or Solan-jay as I like to call her, because what use is a name if it doesn't rhyme with that of your supremely more talented, has everything you ever wanted sister?) However, unless little sister-in-chief is adept at casting magic spells, I don't understand the stars on the black clog-heeled shoes. I suppose she is the bad witch and Beyonce is Glinda the Good. If only we could grab a couple of munchkins (JD and Musiq, where are you in this shot?), we would be well on our way to Oz. Theme music: Can't You Feel a Brand New Day?, "The Wiz" soundtrack. I know I can.

Fantasia: For a girl who can't spell her own name, I would think that she would spend more time with the Letter People and less time making herself look like a poor man's Pepe Lepue (I actually think the cartoon skunk would be offended by her hair display.) Also, is it me or does Fanny's Kool-Aid smile (not as evident here) always suggest she would be a better fit on a Jerry Lewis telethon? Theme music: "It's a Small World, After All", Assorted Disney soundtracks.

Keyshia Cole: Where do I start? The bangs? The hair color? (I think blond actually works for her, so she should have stuck with that) That big freakin trucker tattoo?? Theme song: Ownlee Eue, Kwame. Cause only Keyshia would attempt this...
Ms. Keys: By all accounts, a pretty girl. Pretty on her left. And pretty on her right. One might even argue that she's so dang pretty she can't sleep at night.... (*Clutching the pearls.*) Navy works well on Alicia, but this looks like a dress she borrowed from her older, taller, more svelte sister. She's not a big girl by anyone's standards but the cut makes her look wider. Her hair looks like they put it on top of her head while she sat under the dryer, but forgot to take it out to finish it. I'm going to give her a pass because everyone has an off day. But fret not. No one remembers Ms. Ross's fashion mishaps in Mahogany, only her many triumphs. Live to shine another day, that's what I say. Theme song: Do You Know Where You're Going To?, Diana Ross, "Mahogany" soundtrack.

Ne-Yo I like him alot (he kinda reminds me of Michael J in his hey day). This is why I'm not going to talk about his old man hat. It's why I'm even okay with the shiny suit and church deacon shoes, actually. He has an old soul, goo gobs of talent and a genuine warm spirit, so the whole getup fits. *Singing* And I hate how much I luv youuuu boy. Aww, little Ne-Yo. Lol. Theme music: We are the World, Artists for Africa.

Jay-Z Shawn Carter really looks like the Chairman of the Board here. The grown man's lapel pin is a nice touch too. Theme song: Imaginary Player, Jay-Z. "I mean like I'm the pioneer to this ish, you know? I was popping Crystale when all y'all thought it was beer. Wearing that platinum when all y'all thought it was silver." Yessir.

Rihanna looks very "urban Tinkerbell". Electric blue works very well with her skintone. And I love the bracelet! (I gotta find a cheap version of that somewhere). Shoes are on point too. My pick for best dressed. Theme music: "The Glamorous Life," Sheila E. "She wears a long fur coat of mink, even in the summertime." Rock it girl!

Dee Dee Bridgewater looks like a strong gust of wind would send her airborne, but somehow I like it. Sue me. Lol. Not everyone could pull this off, but it works for her artsy, easy breezy naturale aesthetic. Kinda makes me want to hit up Tendrils in Brooklyn like back in the day when I still had natural hair and forked out $125 for twists. Before I sold out to the man and his counter-revolutionary ways. Lol. Dang you, no-lye Mizani. Theme song: "Dream on, Dreamer," Brand New Heavies. "Hate to put your two feet on the ground/So go on and step aside/ Release yourself and fly."

Well, that's all lovely gals and gents! Till next time, I remain yours truly.
-Mahogany Elle