Banter on Tulips and a Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z and John Coltrane, Outkast and Othello.


Staring out my Window ...

"It's always dangerous when everybody's sleeping and I've been thinking, can we be alone? Can we be alone?/ When will we get the time to be just friends?" -Amy Winehouse

This is very stream of consciousness. Fair warning *smile*
  • I'm thanking God for time to sit and daydream. I'm looking out my window wondering how things are always greener after a big rainstorm.

  • I'm thanking God for good music. New melodies. (For anyone who cares, Amy Winehouse is the best thing since beef patties and coco bread, comparable to chasing the ice cream man and catching him. And she's mostly assuredly better than having to get your natural black tail in the house before the street lights came on.) I don't give honorary status out too often, but she's right up there with Teena Marie and the Average White Band =)

  • I'm thanking God for end of exams and for the beginning of summer job in a new city. Dallas here I come. I can't promise to want to remain out west forever. (I ride for the East Coast! Lol) But I sho' like beef BBQ. Hmm...quandary

  • I'm thanking God that he cares about all of my incongruous parts and sentiments (I'm a blue-state Christian with some friends who are gay and an affinity for Wu Tang, flossing like Diana Ross in Mahogany and school snobbery. Did I mention that sometimes I sit and wish I was Kim Porter (but with a degree.) Lol. See, nonsensical at bare minimum.

  • I'm thanking God for creative minds. Every time someone comes along with a new piece of artwork or song or dance (the "Walk it out" excepted. Sorry.) There's evidence of the vast expanse of God. As much as we think we already know or have discovered, there's still more to examine, learn or master. To create. That's amazing. Think about it.

  • I'm thanking God for family (blood & friends who have become blood)
I'm thanking God...


Possible Impossibilities

"The glamorous ... ooh the glamorous, glamorous.
The glamorous. Ooh, the flossy, flossy."

Never did I think the day would come when I was shamelessly quoting Fergie. Lol. I couldn't stand it when the Black Eyed Peas took her on in all of her inbred trucker's daughter/former Methie glory to serve as the dancing poster child for a crossover Grammy. But alas, just the same, I can't sincerely knock the hustle, since the powers that work the BEP apparently operate under Jigga's creed: "I'm not a business man, I'm a business man."

Today was full of all sorts of possible impossibilities. We have a black man running for president who was just endorsed by a black woman who is essentially is the sitting president. No, not Condi Rice. Oprah! And they tell me we haven't made it. Flavor of Love 2, Charm School, Whitney, Bobby and Mike Tyson notwithstanding, on days like today, I beam with pride that there is some sliver of hope for the race.

*Clasping my arms singing* We shall overcome, one day ay ay ay ay."

I do fret for Barack though. Love that brotha. Admire his hutzpah. But I do hope some enterprising never-been-to-a-dentist yahoo doesn't make Michelle a nouveau Coretta with this race. Beyond being the wife to the first black president, it would be fabulous to see her get to interior decorate the White House. First item of business: A velvet poster of MLK in the living room and some plastic covered couches for when the relatives from Chicago come to town. As for the rest, top shelf all the way. I'm thinking clean lines, neutral colors. Maybe some prints from Kenya. The possibilities are endless.

"The glamorous... ooh the flossy, flossy"