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On the road with Obama and Lady O ...

So...I'm working on exams now, but in my down time I have been following the Democratic primary with zeal. And even more zeal now that media mogul Oprah Winfrey has joined the fray, throwing her support, substantial influence and vigor behind a very worthy candidate, Harvard Law grad, former U. Chicago professor of Constitutional law, author, orator, Senator ... and hopefully a good look for President, Mr. Barack Obama. In case you missed it, Sen. Obama, and the popular talk show host, magazine publisher and businesswoman envigorated audiences in South Carolina and Iowa this past weekend. And from what I hear, Lady O plans to continue to hit the road in support of our favorite "clean and articulate" candidate.

Since the start of the race for the U.S. Presidency, I have gone back-and-forth between voting my brain or my heart. The "safe" bet by most accounts was Hillary Clinton. Mr. Obama, who is clearly qualified, brilliant, devoted and a host of other superlatives sadly is still part of an America that has not yet healed from the divisions of our birth. Still, alas, black. And so I followed the conventional wisdom. America will never elect a black president. No matter how smart he is or how presented. Or thoughtful on the issues. And besides Andrew Young, the once-youthful optimist who stood beside Dr. King, recently said so.

I thought with sadness at how very different the media and America would be if Barack were white. How they might not throw their support behind Hillary, just because the idea of electing a white woman, however cold, entitled and distant she is to the real concerns of real people, is somehow more palatable then letting one of Uncle Amos' distant descendants into the Big House at last. If only Barack was white, then I could support him. Because he would win. Hands down.

I let myself be lulled into this mode of thinking, even after having read Dreams of My Father, his candid and eloquent account of how he came to be, and watching that oh so poignant Democratic National Convention Speech back in '04, the summer I interned at Newsweek Magazine. I watched the speech twice on CNN on a little TV in the Harlem apartment with no A/C that I was subleasing. It must have been 95 degrees in that fifth-floor walkup. But all I could think about was, "The audacity of hope!" Yessir. Gives me chills still. Recently though, I had put all that summer optimism aside for the fall realism I would need to make an informed decision. (As I'm sure someone once told Harriet Tubman, "White folks aint never gon' give us nothin.' Might as well not try.") The underground railroad to the White House was alas a segregated train. It seemed so.

That was until I heard Oprah's speech this weekend in Iowa. For full disclosure, I am not even one of those tune in every day at four... "Miss Winfrey if I could jus' touch the hem of your garment I'll be made whole" type of fans. But occasionally the gazillionaire -- Lady O-- has good stuff to say. This is one of those times. She said put aside all of what the politicos, the pollsters, the Hillary-dipped mainstream media is telling you. And hope. See it for yourselves.


And in case you think I'm not giving ole Whitewater Hill her fair shake, please read what one of her minions had to say in response to a news story that Obama had cut her lead in NH, SC and in Iowa. Hmm... racist to say Oprah is a shame to her gender for supporting a black man?

You be the judge.

The site, which reports that Obama and Hill are now tied in NH, SC & Iowa:

And the comment following the story:
Go Oprah! We ALL know if anyone can’t take the attention off of obama’s no experience lack of leadership, refusing to show up and vote in the senate on Iran, Abortion measures etc... Seeking a trillion-dollar tax hike and raising the retirement age for Social Security!!!! Is not in favor of a health care plan to cover all children rich or poor and that he cannot make a decision on his own. You can….YOU have disgraced American woman, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE FEMALE GENDER OPRAH! SHAME ON YOU, now as a last ditch effort you throw Dr Kings name at the black voters, now American knows where you stand on race… SHAMEFUL ACT...I SUGGEST WE ALL TUNE OUT BOTH!!! WAKE UP AMERICA! Its time we stop playing with Oprah and elect a QUALIFIED PRESIDENT!!! not just a man because he’s black and oprah says so, she may know soap and books, but why in he world would anyone jeopardize your future because a TV talk show host said so?... This weekends Oprah circus, will not help obama, its make us all realize Oprahs running the show not obama...Our great country needs a qualified leader, maybe if oprah was legally running, but obama is…. Glad the dog and pony show is over Oprah is a shame to her gender, yes the same gender that made her who she is today and she turns her back on them in a second when race is involved... I think its time WE ALL tune out the oprahbama show, and let’s elect a REAL Presidential candidate like CLINTON!
Posted By: (Guest) on December 10, 2007 at 10:02 AM

*Sidenote: CNN, Fox, NBC, where ARE you on this story?*


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