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Here's a chance to make it...

If we focus on our goals. We can ditch it. We can take it. Just remember that you've been told... It's a Different World.

So, my brain has been in stasis as I hadn't been able to think of a darn thing to write. Well, it's another week, another Monday, yada, yada. I spent the whole weekend doing absolutely nothing, well except for assisting with chores like pulling weeds and sweeping down the stairway (*note to self -- do not come back to parents' home without personal manservant Belvedere in tow*). I also read story after story on the latest evidence as to why Karl Rove (aided by his White House minions) is the devil incarnate. The third and capstone activity pour moi was watching taped Different World reruns at my aunt's abode. (It really doesn't take a lot to make me happy *smile*). I do so miss that show and what it stood for -- chronicling the lives of intelligent, funny black people. *Drafting my "Bring on a Reunion Episode Petition" as we speak.* So, I took it upon myself to go through the vault and pull some of the classics...

- Dwayne's mother comes to visit and his girlfriend Kenu prepares a Japanese lunch for the three of them: Whenever I think of this episode, I think of Patti LaBelle shrieking "They're fighting over you like a bone scrap. Do you think I raised you to be a bone scrap?... AND THEY DROPPPED MY PRUNE COBBLER TOO?! I'm mad now!" She was just great--a black mother personified, ready to attend to the every concern of her beloved Chipmunk. This episode also features Whitley once again calling Kenu everything but her name (Ki-Ki, Ki Li Da Da, Kookali, Kenusabi). Pure hilarity. But Kenu finally hits the road... to my (and Ron's) amusement.

- The crew goes to visit South Carolina: Kim and Freddy happen upon boytoys they later find out to be homies "pushin' dope for da man" (to quote Curtis Mayfield). Dwayne and Ron mistakenly happen upon their bags which are filled with deniro. Needless to say, dudes are on the lookout for them and try to kill them all. But then Sinbad comes in the nick of time and in the midst of a storm to save the day with his classic "Star Trek" V-hand grip and breaks those fools. Loved it.

-Of course the piece de resistance was the wedding: Diahann Carroll, playing Whitley's mom, was fabulous, or as Shaza told her, "Besides this obvious display of bourgeois blabeddy blab...you look good!!" I do have a confession to make. At the time, a middle school-aged M. Elle wanted Whitley to marry Byron. (After all, she was going to be the wife of a senator. Need I say more?) But after watching it 20 more times since it aired originally, I understand why she was destined for Mr. Wayne. After all, he let her be herself. Anyways, the ceremony's greatest moments came from Dwayne ("Please. Baby please!") and Ron, who looked like he was ready to take the ni$%ahs who wanted to knock Dwayne out. But of course, the most classic phrases came from Ms. Carroll. I love her Scarlet O'Hara tinged pre-ceremony instructions to Shaza. M. Elle has even used them on occasion at probate shows and the like to unbeweavably coiffed audience members. "Will you kindly sit in the rear, so your crowning glory doesn't block anyone's view?" And of course, her "Die, just die!" when Dwayne appears in the aisle is irreplaceable. Classic, just classic.

And, of course they are many other great ones... like when Whitley and Dwayne have to be a team for the college quiz bowl(*imitating Whitley "Harrah's in London!! My momma took me there")...the apartheid episode (when Whitley starts dating dashing Julian)...the episode where Dwyane sells his comprutah Peabody to raise tuition money for Whitley... the Kappa Lambda Nu episode...and the black history episode where Kim recites Nikki Giovanni's Ego Trippin'... (DW fans out there, feel free to chime in for any others if you can make a good case. *smile*)


At July 18, 2005 4:14 PM , Blogger nai' said...

Lawd...See, I'm the person who remembers the episode when someone brings it up. I'm like "oh yeah! I remember that." I loved shows like that. I kinda long for them to come back again. Wait! I think I'm sad about the world now....lol..


PS: Good to see that you are alive. Was wondering if you were still in mourning.

At July 21, 2005 4:27 AM , Blogger dayna said...

You couldn't tell me I wasn't going to Hillman...but my guidance counselor could...now that you've reminded me of it's fabulousness... I have to see if this show is available for purchase on DVD...if not it will be soon....The Cosby Show's coming to DVD in August...A Different World must follow..Diahnn Carrol as Whitley's mom...classic as well as Patti Labelle as Dwayne Wayne's mom.


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