Banter on Tulips and a Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z and John Coltrane, Outkast and Othello.


Thanks for the Meme-ories

So I "borrowed" this from a blogger (thanks Will). Anyways, self-diagnosed "attention deficit disorder" me can't sit down in one place long enough to complete the whole thing, so here's a snippet. As they sang in the "Sound of Music", ahem-- a few of my favorite things...

5 locations I’d like to runaway to: Brazil; Nice, France; Greece; Egypt (when this mess in the middle east is over); Kenya.
5 bad habits I have: Procrastination, talking too fast, procrastination, being late every-freakin-where, not finishing what I start.
5 favorite things to do: Writing, shopping, listening to a music collection unmatched in North America, laughing and talking on the phone
5 things I would never wear: Parasuco jeans (guess I could never live in DC), Fashion Fair makeup (that 80's hot pink lipstick has got to go! LOL), a jheri curl, any day-glo colors, a leather skirt.
5 TV shows I like: A Different World, The Wonder Years (But I hated Winnie Cooper...always picking on my Kevin. Hrmph...) Good Times, Law and Order and back in the day... say it with me y'all... 3-2-1... Contact!!
5 movies I like: The Five Heartbeats, The Truman Show, THE WIZ!!!, Kings of Comedy, Crooklyn
5 famous people I’d like to meet: Nikki Giovanni, John Coltrane, Angela Davis, Jimmy Carter and Fannie Lou Hamer
5 snacks I enjoy: Salsa Doritos, cereal (*singing* Can't get enough of Super Golden Crisp. It's got the crunch with punch..Yeah!"), hot cheese popcorn, cherry/lemon water ice (Philly, where you at?!) and mom's cherry crisp
5 biggest joys at the moment: writing, discovering New Yawk, meeting/ talking to people, traveling, living life.
5 favorite toys: my cell, my car (affectionately known as "the Rolla"), my comprutah, my credit card (I know that's four, can't think of any others that I really need)
5 bands or singers whose song lyrics I know: Earth...Wind... and Fiyah (you know they had to come first--I probably know more of their songs then they do LOL), A Tribe Called Quest ("Who can drop it on angle--acute at that/ So, do-dat, do-dat, do-do-dat-dat-dat". Get hype!), the O'Jays (some of the most beautiful songs ever sung like "Loving you, has made my life much sweetah baby/ Ever since I found you, everything is alright/ Everything is so nice." Whoo... just love 'em!), Jackson Five (self explanatory), Gladys Knight and Pips ("If anyone/ Should ever write/ My life's story/ For whatever-- for whatever reason there might be/ You'll be there between each line of pain and glory/ Cause you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.")


At August 12, 2005 1:16 AM , Blogger Maverick said...

I would be willing to bet that my music collection could match yours, if not beat it...step ya game up...LOL...

At August 14, 2005 10:31 AM , Blogger Will said...

Wait... you have a car?!?!?!? You mean to tell me that we coulda been rolling out all summer?!?!?! LOL

Kidding... love the list, though. Love seeing you write about music. I imagine YOUR eyes lighting up, which of course, makes mine light up while I read it. LOL

At August 14, 2005 12:18 PM , Blogger dayna said...

that's great...I think I know someone<-----who might match your music collection and THE WIZ is one of my favs of all time....I make anyone I know sit down and watch it with me if they have not seen it (how could they have not seen it.) The Director of The Wiz, Sidney Lumet was not pleased with his work, he felt he could've done better. HE'S WRONG....the only thing that would've made The Wiz better for me, is if I was one of those beautiful little babies hanging in the sky with Lena Horne.

At August 14, 2005 8:38 PM , Blogger Mahogany Elle said...

Mav-- You talk, the talk...
Will-- Don't be trying to hang out with me now that I have wheels! LOL... Shoot, I peep ya hustle :)
Dayna--I used to make all of my high school friends who hadn't watched The Wiz, watch it. Or else, I wouldn't stamp their "black card" LOL ... I also feel you on wanting to be a character. I would have been one of the "Seen on Green" snotty people in the dance sequence. Just hot to def in my fur!!! :)

At August 15, 2005 8:35 AM , Blogger Gunner Kaufman said...

Fashion fair makeup..i always wondered if i was the only one that thought that stuff was ugly? And 3-2-1- contact..i forgot about that..but ZOOM was my show....nice list...real nice....

At August 15, 2005 2:18 PM , Blogger k.i.d.a.d.a said...

You're welcome to Kenya!

Direct translation in Swahili "Unakaribishwa Kenya!"


At August 15, 2005 5:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At August 19, 2005 10:19 AM , Blogger mellow said...

Great list. The Wiz is my all time favorite too. I was just listening to the soundtrack yesterday...

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